Town Hall

Town_hallThis is the most important building of  your city.

The Town Hall is the administrative center the city. Here, players modify Production, Tax Rate,
Comfort, and Levy parameters. Each upgrade of a cites Town Hall increases the number of
valleys a player can conquer. Upgrading a Town Hall also increases a city resources fields by 3.
Every city begins with a Level One Town Hall. Upgrading a town hall to level 5 while under beginners protection will remove the protection.



Here you can see the valleys that you have and the level and status of you buildings


Here you can see:

Production rate -at the beginning you will start will 80% so you have to rise to 100% manually

Basic Production – the production without any bonuses and consumption

Technology plus – the bonuses give by research

Troops upkeep -very important for sustaining your army

Hero plus – bonuses give by hero level of politics .Each point of major politics  gives you  1% more resources based on basic production

Valleys plusbonuses added by valleys you own check the valleys section

From here you can adjust the following:

Tax rate – this will influence your loyalty, your population, and the gold income

The tax it is applied on population adn give your an amount of gold

Higher taxes will lower your loyalty and will end up on loosing population

Comforting – this is the way of  rising the loyalty and population when you will needed

Levy – this is  the way to get extra resources when you needed.Don’t count on this method is very expensive

Rename City


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