Beginner strategy

The simple strategy is to follow the quests at the beginning.If you are playing for the first time please read the tutorials it is the simple way to get all the information you need.There is no perfect way of playing considering that the rules are changing from one server to other.

There are some simple rules that must be followed:

1.Do not let resources to be plounder – use everything when you are on line

2.Build the army for the defence, do not wait to grow

3.Do not scout an enemy if you are not sure you can defend  against him or defeat him look to the prestige and honor

4.Do not respond to the messages of more powerful players – do not bag or threaten, use diplomacy if you have to.If an enemy will see that you don’t care to much for his attacks and he will lose too many troops he will  leave you alone.

5.Build your wall defenses early.

6.Do not hurry to get promoted if you can’t sustain with the army the next city.

7.Do not let the gates open if you don’t have enough army to defend yourself- this tactic of defending with the gates open I will developed later.

8.Try to join an alliance that is closed to you.In case of any attack they can help you.

9.The priority of resources is :wood,food,stone,iron later in the game there will be modifications

10.Build 9 barracks and the rest of the buildings 1 of each type.For the rest of the slots build cottages.In this way you can do more of the early quests quick.


One Response to “Beginner strategy”

  1. not bad. I think it’s better to say build 9 cottages and the rest barracks.

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